Paw Poker is a new and innovative online poker game built for the Shibarium blockchain. We offer a secure and transparent platform for players to enjoy a variety of poker games, starting with Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Seven Card Stud. With our unique features and gameplay, Paw Poker is striving to become the number one poker game on the Shibarium blockchain. Players can expect fair gameplay, instant payouts, and exciting rewards. Join the Paw Poker community today and experience the future of online poker.


Texas Hold’em is a poker game where each player is dealt two hole cards and five community cards are dealt face up. The goal is to form the highest-ranking five-card hand.

Omaha Poker is a poker variant where each player gets four hole cards and five community cards. The objective is to form the highest-ranking five-card hand.

Seven Card Stud Poker is a classic poker game where players are dealt seven cards, and the goal is to make the highest-ranking five-card hand. Betting occurs after each card is dealt.


  • Launch Paw Poker on Ethereum
  • Launch website 1.0
  • Tease upcoming Paw Poker games
  • Build community
  • Launch marketing campaign
  • Dextools trending
  • 500 holders
  • CG and CMC application
  • Launch website 2.0
  • Launch first 3 Paw Poker games
  • Launch on Shibarium
  • Big influencer & marketing campaign
  • AMA with large telegram groups
  • 2 500 holders
  • CEX listings
  • 1000 daily users on Paw Poker
  • Release of new Paw Poker games
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  • Release of the Paw Poker earnings dashboard
  • Become the nr 1 casino on Shibarium
  • 5 000 holders